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Thread: Harbor Freight belt/disc sander

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    Harbor Freight belt/disc sander

    Harbor Freight has a 4" x 36" belt/ 6" disc sander on sale for $57, has anyone had any experience with this?

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    I'm OK with their heat gun and the recip-saw lasted longer than I expected. On this I would spend just a little more and get a Delta or a Ryobi. I got a C-man for $99 before I realized about DC and their port design is poor. Try for a common 2 1/2" port. Good luck.
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    dennis, as far as i know 4x36 belts are not a standard size carried by most abrasive suppliers? before you take a chance on a harbor freight tool be sure you can get belts affordably.....6x48 with a 12" disc is a standard and most supply houses stock a variety of belts and discs..
    as glenn said dust might be an issue too?
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    Dennis, I have HF 6x48 with a 9" disc that has been a real good sander, don't know about the smaller one. Try it if you don't like it they will take it back.

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    4x36 is pretty common where I get my paper. I see it at the shows a bunch, too.

    I got a craftsman for something like $85 a few years back. The reason I chose it over any others was the cast iron. It has a full cast-iron base and it was the least expensive model I could find that did so. I think a few months after I got mine, HF came out with one that was similar. So if that's the one you're looking at, I'd say go for it.

    Just don't buy your belts from HF - I have yet to find a decent abrasive at HF. None of them last very long at all.
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    I have the Delta 4x36in belt/6in disc. For a small basement shop, I find it meets my needs.

    Like Glenn said it has the standard 2 1/2 in dust port. It works fairly well. I connect a 4in dust hose with adaptor to it directly. I had been using it for a while before I got a DC and the dust was all over the place. Once I connected the DC the difference was clear. It was a Christmas gift a few years ago, but I think it runs about $100.

    The belts and discs can be picked up at Lowes, probably Home Depot too.
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