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Thread: " I stepped out of a time capsule" Thread

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    " I stepped out of a time capsule" Thread

    Just a note here, the thread, " I stepped out of a time capsule" started by Frank Fusco has been removed for review by the Moderation team.

    This action was signed off on by Cecil Arnold, Jeff Horton, Robert Schaubhut, Steve Ash, Steve Clardy, and me, Stuart Ablett.

    The post was reported by an number of members for questionable language.

    Please give us some time to resolve the situation.

    Thank you.

    Stuart Ablett
    Family Woodworking Moderation Team.
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    After discussion in the mod forum it was decided that the remarks in the original thread was not consistent with being a family oriented site and the original poster asked us to remove the thread.

    This thread will remain locked and unstuck.

    The original thread has been completely deleted.

    "The moderator team"
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