While out of town, my Sony digital camera went belly up. Just died. Naturally, I was unhappy about this. I had misplaced my owners manual and receipt. (I usually staple receipts inside the front cover of owners manuals). I thought it had been just over a year since purchasing it. According to the Sony web site, repairs would cost about $200.00 for my $400.00 camera. I called customer service and talked to a nice lady and told her I had lost the receipt and didn't remember exactly when I purchased it. She said she would enter a work order under warranty. Did I luck out or what? Later that day, when I picked up the hold mail, I found a notice that my warranty would expire the 17th of this month. So, I am getting the warranty work honestly after all. They want $45.00 for a years extension on the warranty. These things don't go bad often, I'm conflicted but will probably buy it for a year and start saving for another camera.