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Thread: Not exactly fireworks, but...

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    Placitas, NM in the foothills of the Sandia Mt

    Not exactly fireworks, but...

    Got a microburst with big marble sized hail. Boy was it loud! Way louder than the July 4 fireworks. Temperature went from 102 degrees to 69 in ten minutes.
    We were hoping for some rain to cool things off - be careful what you wish for. At least I hadn't started the barbecue yet.
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    Houston, TX
    You may need a hard hat to BBQ Jessie.

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    What time? I was watching the radar on NWS webpage about 3 and wondering if you were going to get pummeled. It was probably still north of you then, but I have a bit of trouble guessing where Placitas is without it marked. We're getting lotsa rumbles but no serious rain yet, all just a little to the east. Just got back from a cookout, lots of grilled chicken, beef, and pork over a juniper fire. Stay dry Jesse (hail is great for chilling beer btw).

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    Carumba! Itís just been spitiní over here Jesse, we would love to see some good rain tonight.
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    sure glad you weren`t out crusing on a motorcycle
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