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Thread: stabilized pen blank advice......

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    stabilized pen blank advice......

    While in Houston I was given some Americana pens that were very nicely done using burl wood. My wife decided it was time for me to turn something other than slimlines.....So when we went to the Spokane Woodcraft store, she puchased some Euro kits. I ordered some stabilized burl pen blanks from CSUSA.

    Any advice on turning and finishing stabilized pen blanks....or turning Euro pens would be greatly appreciated!



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    Keep your tools sharp. Pay close attention to the directions and don't get the bushings mixed up. You can probably finish with micro mesh since the wood is stabilized but there can be variables there. Not much different than a slimline once you do a couple.

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    Most of my pens have been done with stabilized blanks, and I'll echo what
    Jim tools (like you'd use dull tools for anything ) and you'll enjoy working with the stabilized stuff. I've had a couple blow up on me when I took too agressive of a cut, but with your skew experience, it should be a walk in the park. I usually finish with CA after going to 12000 Micro Mesh, but as Jim said, you can probably get by with just the Micro Mesh finish.
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    I don't have any experience with stabilized blanks. As for the euros, I'd recommend printing the instructions from the Woodcraft site. They are pretty easy to follow. Watch which way you put the center band on, damhikt!

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    As with any wood, how it turns will vary with the wood used and type of stable process used. The variance can be quite dramatic from one wood or source to another. After knocking off the corners, I prefer to skew the rest. A Euro isn't hard, after turning one tenon you will be an expert. Use your normal finish technique. Do be alert for the possibility that the stable solution did not penetrate the wood completely. It happens. Keep the CA bottle handy and soak as you go if you find that. Do keep in mind that photos are mandatory when you are finished.
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    I've turned a ton of "Euros" and I really like them a lot, fast and easy, and they are a lot more pen than the slimlines, IMHO.

    If you are finishing with any kind of a "Built up" finish, like CA, then make sure before you take the blanks off the mandrel, that you sharpen the tenon on the top piece, the part the band or ring goes against, as this area can become rounded with CA and stop you from getting a nice tight fit.

    and yes, pics please!
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    Hey Ken get that Lacer skew sharpened and go for it. I did a couple of them so far and if you do the skew right you can go right to 600 grit and up to micro mesh. Then finish. It is that smooth.
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