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Thread: An Experiment in Process

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    An Experiment in Process

    I wanted to try an experiment in the preparation of this blank to turn. I had a small yellowheart and small purpleheart blanks that were about 5” square. I thought the woods might look nice together in contrast, but not having a drum sander, I didn’t want to start resawing these blanks too much and end up with some iffy glue joints. I thought about it one night while laying on the couch and wondered, what if I cored the blank and laminated the layers. But not coring in the curved blade sense, but more removing a a cone from within a circle sort of thing.

    To start, I chucked up the yellowheart and trued the face on the lathe, turned a tenon and trued to bottom. I’m going to need it flat. I then took a parting tool, and at about a 50 degree angle, I started into the blank from the tailstock side aiming about 1” from the rim on the headstock side. Turning very slow, and patiently, I separated an outer chamfered ring, from an inner cone.

    I then took the purpleheart blank and resawed about a 8 mm thick piece. I glued the purpleheart to the cone, and when the glue was dry, I rechucked the cone and trued the face of the purpleheart. I then glued the chamfered yellowheart ring on top of the purpleheart, and then a thicker purpleheart piece on top of that. Clamped and glued, I waited until last night.

    I chucked the entire piece and turned a profile on the outside, and hollowed the bowl. What you see is the finished project. This is an experiment. In my opinion, the rim is way too much purpleheart. I could have turned it down a little more, but turning dry purpleheart was straining my tenon and I lost this bowl from the chuck twice in the process. As it is an experiment in process, I am, again, unhappy with the form. However, it’s a pretty cool looking little bowl.

    In keeping with my wife’s appreciation of my artistic ability, she stated, “Neat. You can plant a little flower in it,” and walked off.

    This is, thus, my layered, reverse cored “pot.”

    Thanks for looking and please feel free to be critical.


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    Looks to me like the experiment was a success. Great looking and the contrast between the two"Heart" woods is remarkable. thanks for the posting and picture. As well as the explaination.

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    Nothing to pick on there. Lookin' good mate.
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    Looks to me like it worked just fine. Mighty fine bowl there.
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    I like it and I don't think the PH is too overpowering. I think it is a great combination! All of the stuff I do on the lathe is an experiment, I never seem to know what I'll find in a piece of wood!

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    Well the only problem that I see is that it falls over when you put fruit in it. Just kidding. It's a nice looking bowl. I like the woods that you chose.

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    From where I'm sitting, it looks like the experiment worked. I like the creative thinking to get to your end result. I don't think the proportions between the yellow and purple are bad at all, and although the form may not be what you were after, I think it's pleasing nonetheless.

    Nice job.
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