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Thread: AWFS. A gloat of the first order!

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    Talking AWFS. A gloat of the first order!

    As some of you might know, LOML and I will be in Las Vegas for the AWFS show in the Woodworker's Supply booth (#10168). I've held off on posting this until now because it was still up in the air until a few days ago, BUT....

    I have been tapped to do the demonstration of the midi-lathe at the show!! I'll be in the booth, turning pens and maybe even a small cherry bowl and possibly one other item (I'm taking a piece of maple with me too).

    I've been turning only since late last summer, but apparently someone decided that my skills are sufficient that I can demonstrate. I'm honored, but I'm also terrified, because there will be attendees from all over the world and I'll be standing there shaking in my boots while wielding a turning tool. Wish me luck!!!!

    Nancy Laird
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    Woodworker, turner, laser engraver; RETIRED!!

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    I will make sure and stop to lend some moral support.

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    Nancy, you don't need luck, you just need to do what you know you can do, and just ignore the noise and other people around you, imagine you are in your own workshop, just turning another pen

    You will do great!

    Get some pics!
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    Congratulations! That sort of thing can be nerve wracking, but also rewarding. I'm sure you'll do fine!

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    Way cool! Great avatar too!!
    Don't believe everything you think!

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    That's great. Congrats!

    All I can say is: practice, practice, practice. Not just what you'll do, but what you'll say to people while you're doing it...



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