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Thread: Insulation in Interior Walls?

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    Insulation in Interior Walls?

    Just a quick question here on insulation. Now that my electrical is done on my new addition and I am getting ready for insulation, do you think I should put insulation into the interior walls as well?

    I thought it would help reduce some sound transmission as I really don't want to hear the washing machine working while the baby is sleeping, or whatnot. But a contracting friend thought it was a waste of money because he felt the wall board and ceiling would suppress the noise enough.

    Another concern I have is with the radiant floor heat. I zoned it out so that the kids rooms, and my bedroom, and even the bathroom, can be adjusted differently. I would think insulation would help there too, but once again my contracting friend felt the drywall and ceilings would be enough so that you could feel the difference in room temps.

    I figured it out and to insulate the interior walls would cost me an additional 350 bucks. If it was your house, would you spend the money or save it thinking the cost does not justify the benefit?
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    350 bucks in the cost of a house is nothing! besides after the sheetrock is hung-n-taped it`d cost lots more to change your will notice the sound quality more than the zoned heat.
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    Ditto! Insulate it. It makes a difference!

    The insulation in the Lab's ceiling makes a huge difference in what you hear upstairs.
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    Vote number three in favor of LOTS of insulation comes from a house full of teenage boys. Trust me, there is never enough insulation...



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    Travis if I'm not mistaken you can buy insulation that is designed for sound control which is classed as R-11 for interior 2x4 walls. It's definately better to have it in there rather than not.


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    Absolutely, Travis. Insulate the interior will not regret it. Money well spent for accoustical reasons.
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    Here is another vote for insulating (some) interior walls. I would also think about insulating certain ceilings (for example, if there is a bedroom above a room where a TV is often on in the evening).
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    I would also insulate. Your investment will return in thermal savings and sound isolation. Better now that later...or continue to wish you had...IMO, anyway.

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    Insulate for sure. I put insulation in the walls between our washing machine/dryer room and my TV/computer room and I cannot hear any washing machine/dryer noise in my room. Well worth the small effort and modest amount of money.

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    There is a dense fiberglass bat that is made for this. I think it is a John-Mansfield product.

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