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Thread: A hose adapter question please.............

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    A hose adapter question please.............

    My old Ridgid Shop Vac went to the Big Shop in the junk yard so I replaced it. I got the same size, 6.5 hp (yeah right), 16 gallon Ridgid. I figured I might as well finally get a couple of real adapters for my TS, BS and jointer instead of my mickey mouse makeshift ones.

    So here's the question; On Rocklers website, they list some different adapters. Among others they list a 4" to 2 1/2" reducer and also a 'Shop Vac Adapter". A notation say that the "Shop Vac Adapter works with 2 1/2" hose". What's the difference between the adapter and the reducer and which one should I get?

    Thanks very much for your information.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    Don't know the answer for your question, but I've had good duccess using rubber 4" to 3" sewer line reducers (the kind with hose clamps at both ends) to connect my shop vac to various 4" machine ports. Using the hose clamp that comes with it, the 3" end can easily be squeezed down to a nice tight friction fit on the end of your shop vac hose. Because of the hose clamps, you can make the 4" end fit nice and tight onto the machine, leaving a handy 2 1/2" rubber "socket" for your vac hose. Any borg or plumbing shop should have them, and as I recall, they were about the same price as the onces Rockler shows (but doesn't fully describe) on thier site.
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    Yup, I've used plumbing parts too, work a heck of a lot better on your vac than on you drains

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    You have to be careful of "inside" and "outside" diameter on those darn adaptors... I bought a few 4" to 2" and other size ones at a WW show for a good price only to find out the are the same size when butted up against each other (4" adaptor end to 4" tool outlet end) and are therefore useless... Same for a couple of 2", 1.5" ... Duct tape works, but it still looks like crap!

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    The adapter is for 2 1/2" DC hose. My Ridgid 6.5 uses standard 2 1/4" "Shop-Vac" sized fittings as well as some proprietary swivel fittings that fit the 6.5 but not my little 4HP (these horsepower ratings are of course run through the Shop-Vac magnifying filter).
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