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Thread: WANTED: Ball or Marble

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    WANTED: Ball or Marble

    Yeah I lost my marbles...literally.

    Does anyone know where I can get either a stainless steel ball between .625 (5/8) and .750 (3/4) or even a marble of that size? I looked online and found a ton of places to get them...but all in bulk sizes. I just need one to act as a bearing for my new weathervane. You would think this would be easy to find, but I am having a hard time getting one.

    If anyone has one kicking around, I will gladly pay you for it, and pay for the shipping.
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    How big are the marbles inside a can of spray paint?

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    I could sent you a pure lead ball of .715. I have a mold that size I use for one of my muzzle loading muskets. Lead is, of course, soft. If you really need something, I could cast one, or several from hard lead. Would have to charge for the materials. Glad to do the firing up and casting for free though.
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    Just a thought - have you tried any of the national stores Like Kaman? They have stores allover and Cary every conceivable type of bearing.
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    How about these? 9/16 diameter
    Attachment 10524

    Or you could buy one of these...
    Attachment 10525
    keep one of the balls and give the rest to your son/daughter/nephew/niece/cousin/whatever.

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    Travis, if there is a truck or tractor repair shop around they would proble give you some out of the trash can.

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    Robert's got it exactly!

    I wouldn't use a marble, too hard relative to the metal, could wear through (I've heard of jeweled compass bearings doing this, but then, the sapphire bearing is really really hard).

    Ours just had the end of the post rounded, apply grease and away you go.

    Now that I think of it, Frank's got a pretty good idea, especially if you could get a bit of mollybdenum in the alloy, it'd be nice and slippery, never need grease, and would probably never wear out.
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    Marble is good, besides what the expurts say.... Try a flea market for som Aggies or Tags, those are the bigger marbles.

    Pinball guys as well and of course the Pachinkko machines.

    Try craft stores, they use a glass ball often to arrange flowers etc.

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    Look in the yellow pages for for a place that sells bearings. They should have what you need. Most of the ones out of trucks are needle bearings, so that would not be the best place to find them.

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    i have some spare 3/4" bearings from rebuilding my knife grinders table, just a 3/4" hardened steel ball holler if you still need one/some? tod
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