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Thread: Learning from the mistakes of the past.

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    Learning from the mistakes of the past.

    I think it was Sir Winston Chrichill who said that if we didn't study history it was due to reapete itself (or words to that effect). I wasn't a member of badger pond but I am a member of another popular WW forum that is having problems supporting itself. The question I pose is how do we prevent this from happening here. I think we have done well thus far in that we are using a third party host to park the forum. This allows us the luxury of a lot of bandwidth as well as having a server that will be updated as necessary. We are leasing the software, thus we are always kept current with the most current edition of the software. We are making the forum a member run forum so that we the members determine the direct the forum will take. So what can we do better.
    "Thereís a lot of work being done today that doesnít have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesnít have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    Don, it's awfully late in the day to bring up such a deep subject with such a shallow bunch as us. But since you brought it up; I think that things are moving along surprisingly well and the original group of "founders" have done a great job. So far, the TOS has not seemed to trip anyone up and I haven't seen any, or many, posts that contained any "oops" that were not sorted out in an adult, non-confrontational manner. It looks like we are doing something right. My thoughts are that we will need to consider the following in the not too far to distant future:

    1. Funding in order to maintain both the software and server rent. Been discussed and a date set.
    2. Election of officers/directors. As above.
    3. Some means/method to modify the TOS as the need arises. As the membership grows it will become more difficult to gain consensus to change and, IMHO the ability to change seems to me to be an important element to keeping the board fresh.
    4. A written procedure for addressing the occasional problem post so it continues to be handled in an adult, non-confrontational manner. I know this was discussed earlier while we were still on Stu's site, but for the life of me I don't remember the final decision.

    Okay, it's late and that's about all my miscellaneous ramblings for now. Have a good Turkey day.

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    Good points guys. I've copied this thread over to the Members Only forum, where we're having just this kind of discussion. I'll also lock this thread so it doesn't grow in two places.

    - Vaughn

    P.S. To any guests who happen to read this and are wondering what we're talking about...this forum is run by the members for the members. We're still young, and still deciding on how things will work here. We intend to have the membership participate in making the various big decisions that steer the direction and flavor of this forum. We discuss these things openly, but we feel you should be a member in order to take part in the discussion. If you'd like to join in the fun, feel free to register (it's free and easy) and help us create what we hope will be the best woodworking forum on the 'Net. Registered members can access the Members Only forum and help us steer this new ship.

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