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Thread: Canon Digital Rebel XTi

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    Canon Digital Rebel XTi

    Well Friday morning my wife of 38 years left me and took all 4 cameras with her. I've been wanting a good digital SLR. I've got my eye on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Does anyone here happen to have one? If so, do you like it?


    (PS She's visiting her Mom for a month and she took all the cameras. She's returning in August.)
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    Dang Ken, glad I read to the post script!!! My question is why would she need 4 cameras???

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    My wife is known as the Camera Queen. She has good cameras in 35mm, APS, digital formats and her Canon camcorder. In 2 weeks all 3 of my kids, 2 granddaughters and their spouses and their 1 year old and 6 month old children (our great grand kids) are descending on Sharon and my mothers" places in Central Illinois for a family gathering and 5 generation photographs. My wife loves to take photos. My computer crashed 2 months ago. Her a new computer if you have to but...don't lose the photos I haven't backed up. Well 1 new HD and software reload and a little squirming....I recovered all 12,800 photos that she hadn't backed up. She should be a member of the NRA as she truly believes in "Shoot more" and "Shoot More OFten!"....

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    I know a couple people with the Rebel XTi, and they're very happy with them. It's a great camera. The Canon and Nikon offerings in the digital SLR market are all very good cameras, and they're going to take better pictures than you're used to seeing with a point and shoot. (Especially if you know a bit about how to use an SLR.)

    Personally, I went with the Nikon digital SLR because I liked the way it felt in my hand better than the Canon. The hand grip is a bit bigger on the Nikon, and it fits my hand better. Each brand (and at each price point) has features the other brand doesn't, but the end result with either should be excellent. I'm not real familiar with the Pentax lineup, but I suspect they're good, too. (I have a Pentax 35mm SLR.)

    If you haven't already, I'd strongly suggest reading up on a few choices at Good, (apparently) unbiased information on just about any common camera you can think of.

    One piece of food for thought...and with the caveat that these are my opinions; other people may disagree with my approach. For my needs (photos for web display and e-mailing, with the very occasional 4x6 or to 8x10 homemade print), I really don't need the number of megapixels that a lot of the cameras have nowadays. My D50 has a comparatively low 6 megapixels, but I still end up reducing most pictures a whole lot before using them. (I throw away a LOT of megapixels. ) To me, it didn't make sense to pay $1000 for a 10 MP camera when a $600 6 MP model would still have more resolution than I need. I used the left over money for other fun stuff instead. I also save a bit of disk space, although with nearly a terabyte of space at home, that's not really an issue. If you're not planning to take pictures that will be blown up into very large prints, you might consider saving a bit of money by buying one of the lower-megapixel models. (6 MP was all the resolution our wedding photographer used last year, even though he was shooting with a Nikon D200. With just 6 MP, he produced 8x10 prints that look great.)

    Whatever way you go, you're gonna love shooting a digital SLR.
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    Hi Ken,

    I know that I answered this on another forum but, Vaughn makes a great point. I recently watched the new show on the Discovery Channel called "it all geek to me" and one thing he pointed out is that very rarely does anyone actually use more than (or need) a single megapixel of resolution. When my Fuji Finepix finally gives up and heads to DSLR heaven I will likely replace it with a camera that offers around 2-4 MP.

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    I read an article recently about digi-SLRs. It seems that the serious market is evenly split between the Canon and Nikon. Which probably means you can't go wrong with either. My son, is a Nikon aficionado, he has several of the top enders. I don't plan to get an SLR soon but would probably go with the Canon because of their lens selection. I'm leaning towards more wildlife work and would want a really biggie long lens. As for the mega pixle argument. I'm for as many as possible. This allows cropping and enlarging without losing (noticable) quality. I know, it's called digital zoom, a phony phrase. But what works, works
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    The Nikon D50 is what I use when not using the 2 MP camera built into my cell phone . And it can be had for a lot less than newer models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    ...As for the mega pixle argument. I'm for as many as possible. This allows cropping and enlarging without losing (noticable) quality. I know, it's called optical zoom [later edited to correctly say digital zoom], a phony phrase. But what works, works
    I think you may be confusing optical and digital zoom, Frank. Cropping and enlarging has nothing to do with optical zoom, and in fact is more closely related to digital zoom. ("Digital zoom" is the somewhat misleading marketing phrase you're thinking of.) With 6 MP you can so a lot of cropping and still have enough resolution for all but the largest prints. (And you have even more leeway for electronic presentation like on the web or in e-mail.)

    Here are two 800 x 531 pixel shots. The first is as it came from my 6 MP camera, and the second is a crop of the same picture. It gives an idea of the amount of cropping available for something like a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 print.

    3008 x 2000 pixels, reduced to 800 x 532:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_2913 No Crop 800.jpg 
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    An 800 x 532 crop from that shot:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_2913T3 C 800.jpg 
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    [Edited to add...]
    I see Frank fixed his post (digital vs. optical zoom), so this post is somewhat moot, but I'll leave it here in case someone doesn't have this info.
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    A buddy of mine in the UK, is a pro, he told me that buying the "Newest/Bestest" camera was a twice yearly thing for the big time pros, so there are a LOT of GOOD slightly used one or two year old cameras, he recommended that I get one of them as I'll not use 80% of it anyways

    I fail to remember, but it is worth looking into, he told me one of the big names (Cannon, or Nikon) you can use your old lenses with the Digital SLRs, the other maker you had to buy all new lenses.

    Now if you have an SLR and a few lenses, of the kind that you can use with the new Digital SLRs, then it would sure make sense to stay with that brand. If you don't have the brand that you can use the old lenses on, it makes some sense to switch, as you could pick up used older lenses to work with the new Digital SLR camera....... clear as mud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Navas View Post
    The Nikon D50 is what I use when not using the 2 MP camera built into my cell phone . And it can be had for a lot less than newer models..
    I've been looking on eBay at the D50's - there seem to be quite a few available and the price is VERY tempting. It sounds like you are very satisfied with yours. What makes this Nikon more, or less, attractive than some other cameras in the same price range? Is the D50 a discontinued model?
    Sorry for all the questions, but there is not much I know about this subject and I don't want to make a mistake in my purchase. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.
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