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Thread: OWWM pencil sharpener

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    OWWM pencil sharpener

    This was shameless stolen from OWWM forum. Always admired Bob Vaughn's great knowledge of old machines. I just never appreciated his cleverness.... before now that is.

    For those that haven't seen this trick, here's another way that an OWWM wood lathe can be useful around the house.

    Wife Becky needs 120 pencils sharpened for a class she teaches. The electric ones at her work are abysmal at best. This rig has 1.5 horsepower and will do the job. If pushed hard, a pencil can be reduced to 3 inches long in less than three seconds. If you try that experiment, hide the evidence or be prepared for an unpleasant conversation. DAMHIKT.

    Bob Vaughan
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    I think I saw this picture in a was one of the definitions of 'overkill'
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    I wonder which grease he uses in the gearbox.
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    OK, now that made me laugh out loud

    Thing is, he should drill a 1" hole in the back of the shavings basket housing and hook up his DC
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