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Thread: Wall Cleat Height?

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    Wall Cleat Height?

    Those of you who opted for cleats along the length of a wall to allow easy rearrangement of cabinets and racks; what heights did you decide on? It seems like 30-odd inches for lower cabinets, about 6 feet for upper cabinets and a higher cleat for pegboard panels and the like would work but I wanted to get some input of what others did or would have done differently.
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    I'm a long way from needing that, but that's a tip that gets saved for my new shop.

    Thanks guys! Glenn for asking, Steve for answering!

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    Most interior designers like to hang pictures so the tops of them are even with the tops of the windows. A smart carpenter would either let a strip of plywood into the studs at this level (say a 6 inch strip around the parameter of each room) or nail in blocking between the studs at this level. I however am not a smart carpenter

    In my addition I let plywood into the studs around the toilet for the toilet paper holder, a future grab bar and a 4 foot square sheet above the vanity so she can attach her external medicine cabinet to it easily. Now when I say "let in" I mean I cut my studs back by 1/2 an inch and put plywood in there. That way the drywall can be run right across the plywood, but screws can be placed anywhere and still get grip.
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