From Marty the Admin guy............


As many/most of you already know, the forum has been down since some time
last evening (after midnight EST).

I've been in contact with Bluehost (our provider) on and off all morning.
What I learned is that last night, during a routine nightly scan of the file
system on the actual server (machine) we run on, it was discovered that the
file system was corrupt.

A process was started shortly after midnight to correct the problem. This
process 'normally' runs for about 15 minutes, corrects the problem, and
we're back up and running. Well, the process ran for hours on end and did
not correct the problem.

Bluehost was running diagnostics when I first contacted them early this
morning. They discovered that a rebuild of the entire file system was
required, and they were unable to give me an estimate on the time it would

Unfortunately, given the odd nature of the problem, Bluehost didn't expect
us to be down for very long, so they didn't move us (and the hundreds of
other sites we share the server with) to another server. Had they attempted
to move us to an alternate server, we would have been running with a backup
of the filesystem from the previous day. That would have created a host of
problems all by itself!

I apologize for this down time. In the end, I still maintain that we're
doing pretty good. In the time we've been up, this is probably one of the
longest down times we've experienced, and it was the hosts fault.

I'm off to take an unscheduled/early backup of the entire forum...

Sorry again...
- Marty -
Hope it all stays up now!