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Thread: Little Maple Burl Bowl

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    Little Maple Burl Bowl

    I turned this little bowl about a week ago. I brought it up from the shop and my daughter says, ďItís nice. Is that going to be itís final shape?Ē Sheís learning from her mother. So I rechuck it and come up with this. Itís maple burl, finished with Watco Danish Oil and buffed with tripoli, white diamond and carnuba.

    The picture shows something that looks like a concentric sanding mark. I canít see it on the bowl no matter how hard I look so maybe an artifact from the picture? Who knows.

    It was turned starting with a woodworm screw in a SN2 chuck to turn the bottom. I used an Elleseworth Signature Bowl Gouge for the bottom. I used a recess and put it in some expanding jaws in the SN2 chuck and used the Proform straight hollower to auger out the bowl. I can talk enough about that tool. It makes short work of hollowing. Itís almost like cheating. I used a heavy curved scraper for the final cuts inside the bowl as the profile is too hard to do a shear scrape with a gouge. Itís sanded to 240 inside. I rechucked the mouth in the expanding chuck and with the tailstock in place, I turned the bottom slightly concave and added the bottom bead with a small detail gouge.

    Thanks for looking!

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    What a pretty little bowl, Thomas! I really like the form and the grain in that burl is just gorgeous.

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    Very nice, Thomas. I really like the bead details top and bottom, and the wood's sweet.
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    The bowl is a beauty Thomas. I like the bead at the top and bottom. Finish is great.
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    That is a very pretty little bowl! Man, I gotta start trying more bowls!

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