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Thread: 1/2" Drill

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    1/2" Drill

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    I've always liked Milwaukee for drills, darn tough tools, not cheap, but then again, "Good tools aren't cheap, and cheap tools aren't good"
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    I recently picked up one of these Bosch 1/2" Hammer Drill when I needed to drill holes in the slab in the shed.

    It's got plenty of power, metal gears, nice smooth trigger, and not all that expensive.

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    I have a Bosch 1/2 drill. My main use is to for auger bits to put holes in 2x framing for wiring. It was not all the expensive and it rocks... I really like Bosch tools.

    The next step up is one of those big two handed jobs....
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    Hi Matt.

    If you are interested in a Milwaukee drill. Take a look at this authorized repair center. I bought a 1 1/8th rotary hammer from them and it runs like a champ. They sell new and refurbished Milwaukee tools with a 5 year warranty.

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    Well... speaking of cheap drills... I bought a HF clone of the HoleHawg ($59 on sale at the time) specifically to paddle mix "stuff". It's been a champ, and I don't worry about 'mucking up' my good drills.

    HF also has this, which looks good but I haven't tried it.


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    Milwaukee!!!!!!!!! Built Ford tough.
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