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Thread: Dewalt 735 for sale

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    Dewalt 735 for sale

    in STL

    2 yrs old - hobbiest use

    Planer, dust hood, infeed and outfeed tables, extra knives


    Local pickup

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    Nov 2006
    Contoocook, NH
    where are you so I can tell if I'm local?
    Richard "Butch" Leshner

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    Oct 2006
    richard, STL= st louis
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    Contoocook, NH
    ok. sorry missed that.....
    Richard "Butch" Leshner

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    Sale is pending

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    Planer is sold

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    Doing very well. I milled up some stock for chair rail this weekend. Nothing against the Dewalt, but the General is in a completely different class. Got nothing to compare it against as far as stationary planers goes, but I'm very pleased with this beast.

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