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Thread: So whats cooking for the long weekend

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    So whats cooking for the long weekend

    Besides Turkey I mean. I'll be spending the all 4 days in the shop. Besides working on the desk for LOML I have a small commision to do for my lumber suplier, a small raised panel door. Not to dificult but he asked if I could get it done by next week so I'll be working on it. So what plans do ya'll have for the 4 days off.
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    This is a big weekend for us. Our old house...which we miraculously sold in a single phone call....will be closing on Tuesday. We still have some odds and ends to clear up out there and I promised the new owner that I'd run some heat ducting. Soooo....3 or 4 pickup loads of household items and Turning Blanks....and a little sawzall work is in the queue for this long weekend.

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    I'm getting done with these carcasses on my cabinets so I'll be starting on milling the faceframe, door and stile material.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
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    Well if Marty is feeling better I know it will be spent putting more OSB up on the ceiling in the shop!! While he has my extra hands that is...


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    Finish up the bed hopefully. Shouldn't be a problem depending on how much company we have and if I have anywhere to go? But I love turkey so that OK.

    Hoping to start the restoration on this sad ole thing.

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    Turn some Christmas ornaments for gifts. Start some boxes for gifts. Move the wood rack and clean up the junk corner of the shop. Just what ever strikes my fancy.Probably a little of all the above.

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    I have a set of shelves done that need to be painted and built in to our pantry. Nothing fancy. MDF sides and mixed hardwood (maple, oak, ash, hickory) shelves with white enamal paint. Been over a year getting to this point but LOML has basicly told me, no Xmas decorating until the shelves are in and I want to do all the decorating this weekend.

    Thankfully, all the bottom shelves are painted and ready for installation. The top shelves are in 3 sections but need to be painted before final installation. Tonight and tomorrow will be pretty busy with hopeful installation completion on Friday.

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    i had high hopes of working both at the house and shop this weekend.....but if i don`t get to feelin` better soon i`ll bet i lay around and whine
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    4 day weekend?? What 4 day weekend???? Did I miss a memo? Unfortuanately I have to work Friday, but am off this weekend. Unless my workmate stays sick...I had to take lunch an hour early so he could go home today. We'll see if he shows up Friday.
    I'm going to try to get the Clear Vue finished up. I have 4 bridge clamps to make (started one last night, but the metal was too cold and broke on me), then install the already cut flex hose on the exhaust. Then make the chip barrel lid and seal it off. Hope those of you that get long weekends put them to good use, and those under the weather start feeling better soon! Jim.
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    Cooking turkey tomorrow, leftover turkey enchiladas later. Hope to make it down south a ways to see the Sandhill Cranes in their winter habitat at Bosque del Apache - beautiful birds. The wife has threatened a group house cleaning this weekend - before her sister comes to visit. In between, I'll be hand sanding the legs for a nightstand I'm making - lots of curves and lots of sanding.

    Season's greeting everyone!

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