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Thread: Baltic Birch Shortage?

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    Baltic Birch Shortage?

    Is this a SoCal thing? I was quoted an outrageous price of $60 a 5x5 sheet of 3/4" BB ply by a San Diego area yard. Told they only had 14 sheets and didn't expect to get anymore soon as the suppliers weren't receiving anything from Russia, etc.

    Called my local lumber yard to dispel this load of malarkey and surprise . . . they haven't had any bb ply of any kind since February (coulda swore I'd been in there since then) and don't know when they will get any more.

    Anyone heard anything on this?
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    glenn, it`s been in short supply for a few months wholesaler has been having trouble filling my orders since about feb. cost is through the roof!
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    What can we use in place of Baltic Birch?

    I was planning on building the wall hung tool box in Fine Woodworking tools & shops.
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    my supplier says they won't get it till next year...i have heard 2 different stories, one was that they didn't cut enough wood to fill the demand and they are now having trouble catching up and two that it was due to some sort of trade disagreement, who knows why it's really in short supply. i usually use the 1/2" for all my drawer boxes, i only got about 10 sheets left so i'm gonna need an alternative.

    i wish i could find the 3/4" around here, no one supplies it


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    I was told the same thing when I got mine a few weeks ago. The supplier I got it from hadn't raised their prices since they got their current shipment, but he said the next shipment, if there was one, would be significantly more. Then yesterday I got a flyer from Johnson's Workbench and there was a note about the short supply:

    Current U.S. supply of European Birch
    plywood is at critical levels. Johnson’s
    Workbench is constantly searching for
    new supply and other quality alternatives
    to help curb the current situation.
    We will do our best to try and keep our
    inventory up, however, please bear
    with us as shortages may occur.

    Their 3/4" is between $45 for 1-3 sheets and $36 for $25+ sheets.

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