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Thread: 45 degree legs -part II

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    45 degree legs -part II

    How would you go about measuring to make sure the outsides are 2 1/4 when done? If I make my piece over size to say 3" I can make the first cut and not worry to much about it, just have to make sure I take enough off to make a sharp corner.

    Only way I can think of is to measure and mark 2 1/4 and sneak up on the line, is there a better way? Saw is a left tilt fyi.
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    I generally don't cut these things oversize, but I'm also usually making a single mitered leg that gets mortises for rails in the edge of the leg. I usually cut a hair over and then if the angle isn't just right I trim it on a long plane held upside down in a bench vise. A bit more pressure one side or the other of the miter and you can tweak the angle pretty effectively. I wouldn't worry too much about absolute dimensions and perfect squareness. Its nice when you can hit it just right, but there's also always a way to compensate for little irregularities - like being a hair under 2 1/4" on your legs.

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    When I did mine I measured from the blade to the fence. Set it at 2 1/4" (well, not really but ....). I then ran a piece of scrap and measured it. Adjust the fence as needed. Then lock it and start cutting. I rarely make a cut (that really matters) without a test cut first.

    Once it is set, all your parts should be same. If you go trying to trim them afterwards you open up another can of worms! If you don't take the same amount of each side you end up with you glue joint not on the corner. Thats why you want to get it right the first time.

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    New Test

    Here is my new test and this came out much better. Granted the pieces are only 12" long and the real legs will be 48", but its still a confidence booster. These pieces are only .55 thick, when the other ones will be .75 thick.

    Thanks for all the help.

    side bar: Jeff when you did your splines, did you move your fence to the opposite side of the blade its normally on?

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