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Thread: This can't be good (table saw issue)....

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    This can't be good (table saw issue)....

    I have a Delta Cabinet Saw, not too old, but of course out of warranty. Everything was working just fine yesterday when I was cutting some picture frames.

    Today, when I turned the saw on (or tried to) it made a horrible bumping sound, and the blade started up; stopped; started; stopped. Never got up to speed. I noticed the blade was hitting my zero clearance slot just slightly.

    I unplugged the saw, felt the blade and it seemed tight. Plugged back in and tried to start it up. Blade wasn't tight obviously, because the arbor nut came off. I assume because of the vibration caused by the shaking going on. I shut down with no damage done to me or the blade.

    Put the arbor nut on again, very tight. Inspected the three drive belts from the top and all looked OK. Turned the blade by hand (with the saw unplugged) and it turned free. Started it up with the zero clearance insert off. Bumped a few times and then came up to speed. Tried to shut if off with the switch and it just kept running. I unplugged the saw. Plugged it back in and it is still running. Off switch has no effect.

    What the heck is going on?

    Thanks for any insight you might have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Check all wire connections in the switch first.

    220 volt?
    May have one loose wire.

    Magnetic switch I assume?
    Contacts may have arc'ed shut
    Sounds like switch and dropped a leg or burnt contact due to excessive dust etc. All of the above.

    I agree....

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