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Thread: ? for you digi photog gurus

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    Question ? for you digi photog gurus

    Note attached photo. Nebber had anything like this happen before. Just this one picture. Taken with the point and shoot setting. Just like many before and after it. Wassup?
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    Take the "fly eye" lens off and use a normal one.....

    Seriously....try reseating your memory card.

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    Looks like a video clip - either that or some sort of output configuration for printing multiples? Weird.


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    Its a computer!! That explains it.
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    Were you by chance at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) ??
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    What type of camera do you have? I have a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix 4200. It has a feature that does exactly what you have there.

    It is called "Sports Composite". Normally I leave the camera set to the green auto setting for 99% of pictures. However it has a sports shot mode. The symbol looks like a guy sprinting. If you set it to this, and press the menu button it gives you "Sports Composite" as a choice. If your camera is similar, you should just be able to change it back to the green camera setting and all will be good.

    hope this helps!
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