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Thread: Walnut Vase-like thing

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    Walnut Vase-like thing

    This was one of those wild hair type ideas that you get sometimes. It's a flat hollow vase turned in two halves, like two walnut plates glued together. It's 5 1/2" diameter and about 1 1/2" tall without the spout. The spout is from blackwood and it doesn't show up very well in the pics but it's a tapered shape cut off on an angle, if that makes sense.
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    Cool idea! And well-executed.

    I wouldn't mind learning more about any special tricks used to match up and join the two plate-like halves of the "vase-like thing".

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    Very well done, Curt, and very unique. The form doesn't really send me personally, but there are other people out there who will go nuts over it I'm sure. Once again you're doing a great job of thinking outside the bowl.
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