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Thread: Tiny tool gloat

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    Tiny tool gloat

    Hey, folks,

    Been meaning to get one of these for ages. Walked into the despot last weekend, now that the basement project has started in earnest, and saw the $99 sale. When I did Joseph's basement room, I had the SCMS on the floor. What a hassle that was! No more of that!

    That's two year old James, stepping in to give a sense of scale...


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    Life gets better all the time!



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    I finally paid attention to everyone saying they loved these things and got one. I love it. I've gotten my monies worth out of it in mobility, small footprint storage, etc. many times over.
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    I'd get me one of them too. But wife and I are too old.
    BTW, nice saw stand in the background.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    I'd get me one of them too. But wife and I are too old.
    BTW, nice saw stand in the background.

    Bill, I'm another happy owner of one of those stands, and I don't even have a SCMS. (And my little miter saw hasn't been used in over a year.) I use the Ridgid stand for my planer, my mortiser, and extra work space in the driveway.

    Congrats on the new tool/toy/thingamabob.
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    A stand for the screamin' mimi, err...I mean SCMC, is a must.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the SCMS. I use it almost entirely for crosscutting, unless something is too wide (mine will handle 12", I have the older 708) which is most all of the crosscutting I do.

    It is without a doubt, one of the loudest machines in my shop, I'm sure the neighbors are glad when that noise box shuts down in the evening on the weekends when I'm using it.

    The only other machine I have that is noisier is a DW735 benchtop planer, easily the noisiest machine in my shop, but the SCMS comes in a close second.

    I use the Dewalt stand. While it is about twice what you paid for your ridgid stand, it sets up in 2 minutes. The wheels would be a plus, that I admit, but I just unclip my SCMS from the stand and store it on the shelf. 2 minutes to setup, 2 minutes to tear down. Since yours probably stays on the stand, you can probably shave a minutes off that time...

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