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Thread: "Dust Collector Remote"???

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    Cool "Dust Collector Remote"???

    What do You use,and why?

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    I use the PSI Woodworking LR110-3 110V Long Ranger Dust Collector Switch I got through Amazon.
    Why? I dunno -- saw it on-line and ordered it.
    Am I sorry? NO, it works great from anywhere in the shop (20' x 28').
    Only problem -- where did I put the $%&@ remote

    Tony, BCE '75

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    I have a small basement shop, so I don't use an actual remote. However I picked up a big on/off push button switch (like for a router table). I have my DC connected to it. Currently it is sitting right next to my table saw on an assembly bench. Eventually when I run ductwork, I am planning on suspending it from the ceiling in the center of the shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lary Grassmeier View Post
    What do You use,and why?
    I use the PSI LongRanger, 220 v~. Because it works!

    I have two remotes, velcroed to the tablesaw and the 16"bandsaw, but moveable when I want to use the DC on the router table, jointer, 14" bandsaw, Performax, or the planers.
    Jim D.
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    Several years ago, I got Remote combo's for my outside Christmas decorations. I ended up with an extra. It consists of an receptacle with a built in receiver and an on/off transmitter. Cost about $6.00. Been usin' it ever since. Works great.


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    For something different....

    For each of my power tools that are attached to the cyclone, I have installed a magnetic sensor that detects when the tool is turned on. That sensor causes a transistor in the sensor housing to conduct/close. That closing of the transistor completes the circuit of a 12V DC power supply.(thermostat wire connects the sensor to a small control panel near the cyclone.) That circuit is attached to a pair of 250V, 50 Amp, solid state relays that in turn start the motor on the cyclone.

    When I turn off the power tool, the cyclone continues to run for an additional 10-12 seconds before powering down. The added run time is provided by a large capacitor across the 12V line to the relays.

    Now I need to build an electrical blast gate for each tool to complete the tool automation of the process. (I have been saying that for a couple years. )

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    I got this one free from Rockler:

    I won a benchtop router table in a drawing, and convinced the manager to let me have the remote instead -- about half the retail price -- since I already had a much better RT. 90% of my DC needs are at the lathe, so I keep the remote clipped to the headstock. When I'm using other connected tools, I clip the remote to a belt loop and always have it handy.
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    Shopfox for 220 volts $34.95 2 remotes it works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    I made mine. I used Dennis Peacock's wiring diagram.
    About $50.00 total
    What Steve said, cheap and bullet proof

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    "Dust Collector Remote"???

    Another vote for the Shopfox. The price was right and it has worked very well for my shop.

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