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Thread: router plunge column lubrication recommendation

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    router plunge column lubrication recommendation

    I've claimed back an old router of mine a contractor friend had used early last year. It was stored out in the open in an unheated storage unit so it has some surface grime and rust to deal with.

    The plunge action is pretty sticky so I've clean up the columns. No rust or pitting on them!

    Now I need some sage advise. What would you all use to lubricate the plunge columns? Off the top of my head I'm thinking a dry lubricant of some sort but really have no idea.

    All suggestions welcomed and appreciated.
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    For tasks like that I usually turn to Break Free, a teflon based gun lubricant. It leaves a teflon coating on the parts.
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    Depends on what the bushing are made from, if they are brass, like on my Hitachi, nothing, just use some really fine grit sandpaper, and then a buffing wheel if you have it, make them shinny and smooth, they will slide just fine on the brass bushings.

    Just about any lube you put on there will attract dust, which will make things sticky again.

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    ME? I would try parrafin wax. Use it on just about everything that moves.

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