As some of you may know I now have my Dad's Belsaw planer. So far I've put a mobile base under it & today I went through the drive system of sprockets & chains & bronze bushings everything is ok it just needed a real good cleaning & lubrication which it got.

Next thing is installing the knives.

This planer had the jibs that have allen screws down from the top & their wedged shaped so as you tighten them they rise up & wedge the knives tight but they also tend to raise the blade up off of the jack screws.

I was looking at the dispose-a-blade system & called & talked to the representative because of the different jib system & he said to use Tri-Flow lubricant on the face of the jib with their system because it would allow the jib to be tightened starting in the center while using a piece of hardwood (I'll be using some UMHW) to hold the blade down. So what about doing this with the regular blades? I have 3 good sets of blades.

Any suggestions from people experienced with this type of jib system are welcome.