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Thread: Grrrrrr... this burns my bacon...

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    Grrrrrr... this burns my bacon...

    Well, folks, the birdhouse project combined with a couple other things have persuaded me that I'm nowhere near where I want to be as a turner. I've got a steep learning slope to clamber up, and I'm still just bouldering over the moraine at the bottom of the mountain.

    I've yet to successfully integrate the monster 4 in 1 into my practice. The good news? It got me to start using the grinder for sharpening. The bad news? I still can't figure out how to use the grinder to put a burr on the monster tips... the wheel turns the wrong way, and the rest doesn't adjust far enough to flip the tips over. Dang! So I'm still doing the 'put the tip in the vise and burnish it with the screwdriver shaft' thing...

    But... the whole process got me sharpening the gouges on the grinder. The difference is incredible. When I think of all the time I wasted with less than sharp tools. I know some of you guys tried to tell me... but I'm stubborn as the proverbial ox! I've even figured out how to grind a straight, sharp edge on the skew! And I spent a couple evenings with the taunton turning book open right next to the lathe... going from picture to practice spindle to picture to spindle... still not adept, but getting better...

    anyway, I realized that I'd made a false economy putting off buying a grinding jig. So last week, I went looking for a wolverine. I get on to amazon, and it lets me order straight from oneway... cool, I thought, I can support the people making high end stuff for turners (not that they actually need the tiny amount they'll ever get from me!). So I start checking every day when I get home from work. No packages! Finally, yesterday, I get frustrated, and start doing some digging. Long story short: oneway is shut down for most of July. They'll be glad to ship it when they all get back from vacation! Dang! Why couldn't they tell me that *before* I clicked the order button! I could have ordered the same thing from a dozen different places. Dang! By the time they ship it, I'll be west of the mississippi! Grrrr...

    Oh, well... guess it gives me time to rip up the basement.



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    Bill glad you finally saw the light

    I sent you a PM send an e-mail to the fella at Oneway, and see what happens, I'd ask them for an ETA, if it is too late, cancel the order and get it from somewhere else.

    Oneway is NOT some HUGE company, like Woodcraft, Amazon etc.

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    You will appreciate the sharpening jig. Sharp tools makes it much more enjoyable.

    On the burr edge issue, believe it or not the grinding wheel travels into the burr and not away from it. (Dunno how or why it works, but it does.) Here's a rough sketch showing the basic orientation of things. I didn't draw the tip of the cutting bit round, but I think this will give you an idea what I'm talking about.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So your wheel is likely turning the right way. You can use the existing bevel angle on the Monster bits to adjust your toolrest to the matching angle. And it only takes a light touch on the wheel to get the burr.

    Hope this helps -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    On the burr edge issue, believe it or not the grinding wheel travels into the burr and not away from it. (Dunno how or why it works, but it does.) -

    When you face the tool against the grinding wheel at a low angle, it pushes the top edge of the metal up and away as it cuts the rest below.
    Just the way it happens.

    In the metal processing industry this is a problem, as for wood scrapers this is an asset. For years my instructors trained me to hone off that burr so the edge would be better and last longer. Some turners do prefer the burr over the extra effort to hone. I hone some and burr some, works both ways I do feel the honed edge will stay sharp and cut smoother on dry wood than a burr edge but wet turners (which I am not) prefer the burr to curl ribbons of soggy wood

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    How much was the jig at Amazon? Woodcraft has it for $79


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    Why Buy? most grinding aids are easy to make.

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