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Thread: And now for something completely different...

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    And now for something completely different...

    Hey, folks,

    A few weeks back, I happened to have a free hour during the week. This is significant, because I was near the local woodcraft. Now, right next store, there's an operation called "Brazilian Hardwoods" but it's always closed on weekends. Anyway, I went in, and a very nice woman gave James, Doorlink and me a tour of the place. I took these pics on my cell phone camera, and thought I'd share. It's all pretty incredible:

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    Really, I was floored. That bed is going for 40K. The joinery is out of this world...



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    That bed is incredible to look at, but I sure wouldn't want to sleep with that thing over me! Not for 40 cents, let alone 40K.


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    That is some pertty amazing furnature. Do they deliver it to your home with the fork lift that is in the background? They look like they weigh a ton.

    On the desk, are those through tenons that are sticking up from the desktop in the corners? An interesting design, but not something that I would want on my desk personally.
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    Hey Bill, That is some pretty awesome big stuff.
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    cool pics bill! is that table one slab? it looks to be 6" thick
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    Really awesome pics Bill

    I wonder how they will deliver that bed and install it. The bedroom to accept that needs to have huge windows or huge doors to let it pass throug.

    Another solution is to buy the bed and have a contractor to build the house around it .
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    Having been around the mesquite furniture biz for a few years, I've seen folks spend an awful lot of money on some some things that didn't appeal to me AT ALL... so anything can happen. But I'll suggest that unless that bed was a special order, they may get to admire it themselves for quite some time at that price.


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