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Thread: Question about SCMI sander HP

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    Question about SCMI sander HP

    I just picked up a 20 year old 37" 3 phase SCMI double headed sander. I'm in need of a phase converter but I need to know the horse power to select the proper size of converter. Does anyone know how many hp this sander would require? I looked on the motor but didn't see hp rating. At least I didn't see HP. Is there another name in German for HP? I had to look through a mirror and magnifing glass to see the plate. So if there is another name that would explain it's absence. By the way if someone has a converter that's no longer in use I might be interested.

    Thanks Mark

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    question about SCMI

    The standard measure of power in Europe is watts. On a larger machine you'll see a tag listing Kw. Wish I could tell you the conversion factor for amps/hp, but I'm out of my depth on this one.

    Gary Curtis

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    A modern one runs on 10hp and I would guess that the one you have would likely be in the same range. You should look for a "Kw" rating on the motor plate. 10hp is 7.5Kw.


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    mark, mine has a machine rating of 49 amps at 220 3-phase for a single head.
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