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Thread: Our crazy cat

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    Our crazy cat

    We were sitting here today and our cat came around a chair with the baby's pacifier in his mouth(the baby does not use them) it was funny as heck. I grabbed the camera and got him to do it again. any one ever see such a thing? Oh yeah this is the same cat that is like a dog with the baby. Austin cries and Buster is right there also lets him pull on his fur,ears drags him by his tail and just takes it.

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    Cute pic! Glad you had the camera handy!

    By the way, welcome to the forum!

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    That is a pretty smart cat you have. It is interesting as to how an animal can tell that an infant will cause it no harm.

    You could have tried to pose Buster for a week and not have gotten those pictures. Good catch.

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    Cute pics, Jim. Thanks for posting them, and welcome to the clubhouse.
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    That is a great photo! Animals are so funny!

    It reminded me of one I took a few days ago and kept meaning to post. Smokey is about 16 years old now. Spends most of his day sleeping now. He was a bruiser and a hunter in his prime. He loves the back porch and the apron around the pool on cooler days. Last week I looked out and saw this. He was sound asleep! Keep in mind it's roughly 16' down to the ground and last two weeks, this was the chosen spot to sleep. Next week it will be somewhere else.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You've got to get that on video so you can send it in to Animal Planet's Funniest Pet Videos show.

    I've got one with some pretty strange behavior too but it takes place over a few days so it's nothing you could capture on video. I bought him one of those 4-packs of small diferent colored fuzzy balls that have catnip inside. It takes him 1-3 days, but he'll eventually move them all from one end of the house to another. Then they'll sit in a nice grouping for a couple days before he starts all over again moving them back to the other end of the house. Each time he's carrying one, he meows incessantly at the top of his lungs (even with the thing in his mouth). Wierd.
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    What is funny is the baby plays with the cat balls that rattle(that doesn't sound right) and the cat plays with his toys he leaves laying around

    My youngest lil monster looking innocent

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