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Thread: PM2800 VS drill press

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    PM2800 VS drill press

    Does anyone have any input/experience with this drill press? My local woodworking/machinery supplier has it on special right now. It's variable speed, 18", 1hp, 5/8" keyless chuck, large table with slots.


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    I'll be in the market for a DP once I get the shop up and running, so I'm also interested.

    Both the 18" PM and 20" Delta's new DP's are mentioned briefly in this month's Wood mag.

    I like the Delta readout functioning as a depth readout, as well as Delta's table tilting 45 degrees forward.

    I like the PM's use of LED's to produce a crosshair to line up the bit with the workpiece.

    It seems the PM is available for purchase, but the Delta isn't...yet. Rockler has the PM2800 for the 'list' price of $800. But other sites seem to be adding a premium...NW Powertools is asking $850!

    What's your supplier asking for the PM?

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    I saw it on Louis and Companies flyer for $800. I also was told about the new Delta dp but was told it wouldn't be out till jan. or feb.


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    doug-n-marty, i haven`t found the need for variable speed other than changing pulleys in over 2 decades of woodbutcherie? large tables are really nice but throat deapth and quill stroke would be the two things i`d place foremost in the quest for a drill press horsepower second.....variable speed at the bottom of the list....02 tod
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