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Thread: Finding glue before stain!

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    Finding glue before stain!

    From a long time lurker, infrequent posterÖ

    I've glued up my kitchen doors and drawer fronts and need to check for glue spots. I've used mineral spirits before to do this when Iíve used oil based stains and finishes. This time Iím using Transtint dye in DNA and finishing with Targetís USL (water borne lacquer).

    Will the MS contaminate the surface by leaving a residue? What else could I use? Naphtha?


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    I've used minerial spirits frequently before dying a project to find scratches and glue spots to be fixed, just as you have. I find it helps in my turnings to reveal problems in sanding.
    My only advise is to wait until you're sure the ms has dried and evaporated completly. I have never had a problem with staining or dying after that. I've used both dna and water based dyies.

    Good Luck, Mike
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    I am not a professional finisher but do some sometimes. I have been able to stain my projects and as the glue shows up as a resist, I use either broken glass or a sharp chisel as a scraper to eliminate the glue then restain even as the other stain on the project is still wet.( some times I have to 220 the spot but the stain has blended in when all is done quickly.) I guess that may be "back alley finishing " but it usually works for me. I like to keep my projects flowing along.
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    Thanks Mike and Robert!

    I'll forge ahead using Naphtha first (fast drying time) or MS if N is too fast for me!

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