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    This is my first post to this forum.....and this is a pic of my first attempt at a natural edge bowl. I think it is locust finished with Minwax Tounge Oil Finish. It's around 3.5"hX5.5"w. Critques are welcome. Thanks.
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    Looks nice, Jeff...especially for your first!

    Welcome, and look forward to more of your work.

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    hi jeff!
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    Welcome aboard, Jeff. Looks like a nice little bowl, especially for your first stab at a natural edge. Critique-wise (for the next ones), I'd suggest trying to make the foot smaller. A lot of new turners -- me included -- tend to try to keep as much wood as possible, and end up with wide-bottomed bowls. I think you'll find a smaller foot helps lighten the look of a bowl.

    All that said, it's still a great first.
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    Great looking bowl Jeff. Welcome to FW. Keep'em coming. You want to keep that one so a year from now you can look back. You will be amazed.
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    Welcome Jeff. Been turning long?
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    Welcome Jeff!

    Way to go, we like pics and your first post has a pic, and it is of something spinny

    Sure is a nice looking chunk of wood, do you have more?

    If you have the time, a short shop tour would be great, we always like seeing other guys shops, usually a good idea or three with can borrow

    Again, welcome to the family!
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    Many thanks

    Thanks for all the comments/questions. To answer a few of them....I got my lathe when my grandfather past away about 6 years ago, but just got started using it seriously about 6 months ago.
    I do have a few more pieces of this wood so more pics will come. I also do plan on doing a quick shop tour if I can find the time. For starters here is a pic of my lathe. My granfather made it out of an industrial clothing press and a washing machine. I have varible speed, including reverse, using the spin cycle buttons/dials from the washing machine.
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    Welcome Jeff

    Your grandfather did a good job designing and building the lathe. He would be proud to see it been used to turn out wonderful work.

    Coffee pot is on!

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    Hi Jeff,
    That's a great bowl for a first. You've already gotten some good advice so I won't repeat it. But that lathe is incredible. I love seeing things that involve that kind of ingenuity. Hopefully it still holds some of Granddads trick that you can coax out of it.

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