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Thread: Punky Fruit Cherry HF

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    Punky Fruit Cherry HF

    This is from a piece of fruit cherry, Lambert I think, that had a punky dead branch imbedded in the wood. I tried all kinds of things to stabilize the punky wood but it still just crumbled out. So I decided to use the rough crumbled area as an "enhancement" and just left it rough. The punky area is soaked with CA and then it was finished with Danish Oil. 6" x 6"
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    Man, that's some very nice wood, Curt. Great form too, IMHO. The rough spot just adds some textural'll make people want to pick it up and feel it.
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    OK Curt, you are scaring me

    This will be twice in one day that I'm in total agreement with Vaughn

    Love that piece, looks almost like a planet with clouds and land mass, I know if I was in the same room as it, I'd ask first, but I'd certainly want to pick it up and take a much closer look!

    Thanks for taking the time to post it here!
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