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    Thumbs up WW Kinda

    Hey Folks,
    Been a long time real busy but I wanted to share a new ... power tool attachment.
    Installed the Bro Tek "Thumb" to my Backboe.
    Works great
    They have a number of other gadgets, and I got a couple more that I haven't installed yet. I'll keep you posted.

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    Good to see you pop in, Tyler. How's the new place shaping up?

    That "Thumb" looks like it'll be very handy. You'll be moving the big trees with that thing.
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    Hi Tyler!

    Hey, you could go into the stump business with that thing. I'll bet you would have lots of spinny friends!

    Good looking machine you have there.


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    That's a nice looking set up Tyler. I'd say that may be my second favorite color after JD green.

    Maybe one of these weekends you could send the Lear to pick me up for a couple of days at the new hacienda? I could get that trench dug to the lake for you. You know, the one so you don't have to trailer the boat to a launch site.

    Just trying to help wherever I can.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Laustrup View Post
    my second favorite color after JD green.

    There are colors other than John Deere Green?

    Cool looking attachment Tyler, sure could find a lot of uses for it around here.
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    Tyler. That looks pretty cool. I wanna try it.

    When are you going to come down and teach me how to sail?
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    Thats a lot better than a John Deere...that's a Kubota.

    By the way you aren't the only one on here Tyler that likes a Kubota. I got one myself and just love it. One of the most handiest of rigs, and like you mentioned, you can do woodworking with it to a degree. At least I use mine to pull out my own logs to saw into lumber. At the same time I used it to pull out my wood to build my shop, not to mention using it around my house to put up my new addition. It certainly comes in handy.
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