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Thread: The Mustard Is Here!

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    The Mustard Is Here!

    Oh Ya!!!!!!!!!!

    We had a BBQ tonight to celebrate the Mustard.

    I picked it up this morning at the freight terminal and this afternoon a neighbor came over and helped me put it together. Mickey helped me get everything out of the truck and into the shop while we were waiting for him, except for the power head and the bed. Another friend came over just in time to help us turn it upright after installing the legs.

    This is not a one person job, that is for sure.

    I am really happy with the bed extension and the tool rest extension. Both are solid.

    I know I am going to love turning on this lathe. More tomorrow after I do some turning on this monster. To tired to turn tonight.

    Thanks for looking....
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    Congrats Dick. You are going to have a ball this weekend. Have a great time.
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    Sweet...Congrats on a fine lathe

    Looking forward to seeing your turnings now.
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    Well I know envy is a bad thing, but I'm feeling a LOT of it right now. Congrats on the new Mustard, Dick!

    Time to turn some pens, huh?

    P.S. I'm not gonna give you a hard time for having a clean place to put the new toy. You've had a week or more of waiting for it, so nothing better to do than get a spot cleaned up and ready for it.
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    Congratulations Dick, that "B" looks like they really made some solid improvements on what I felt was a great machine. Club Mustard has a new member.

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    nice score dick!
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    Man, if I had the room, that would be one lathe at the top of my list

    VERY nice, not go make a mess!
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    Absolutely fantastic!
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    So there I am, staring at the shop with the new mustard. Vile envy did not enter my withered soul, but it came awfully close! Congrats!

    I wonder how it feels to actually turn something on a machine that nice?



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    Thanks everyone

    I fired up the PM today and have a couple of maple blanks soaking in the DNA. The small one is 11" x 6" and the large one is 16" x 4".

    This lathe is awesome and I love it. I am very happy with the upgrade and the extra's that came with it.

    Will be turning again tomorrow.
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