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    New Beginning

    Well a little over due but here at last. I will be starting a remodel of my down stairs starting a few days ago. I will be reflooring the down stairs recaseing the doors and building cabinets. Its a long term project and organizing is a bit hectic. The floor sander was to start today but du to a death in the family was not able to start on time but did call and assured us he would be here Monday. I called the mill today and ordered 800 sq ft. of red oak rwl of 3-5" with and no shorter than 4 ft in length. I have done bussiness with the guy befor and sent him lots of work so I get the flooring at $2000.
    Altho I didn't get any floor pics I did get a few of the door frames comming off to get the floor ready to sand

    Everything go's. Fireplace mantel builtin and doors. I am looking fwd to it and too a bit sceptcal on the outcome. I think it will be a great learning expearance helping me to sharpen my skills

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    I'm at the start of a similar project. I've got the walls stripped to studs and masonry, and the new floor down. Now there's nothing for it but to build it back up. A little trivia for you:

    How many 2x4s fit into a toyota highlander, without taking the baby seat out?

    Answer: 50, with room to spare!



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    LOL BIll, I got a highlander myself and really enjoy the ride. Never did figure out how many 2x4's it could hold though until I saw your post...and yes I have a baby's seat as well!!

    I have been running a lot to Home Depot to get stuff for my new addition so I know how you feel when you look at the cart, then look at the Highlander and wonder..

    "How in the ever living world am I going to put all this in there."

    The thing is though, when you go into the BORG, you're only going to pick up a few things. The next thing you know, the cart is rounded over and your card practically melts when you swipe it through the scanner!!
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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