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Thread: Finally...a good caulk gun!

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    Finally...a good caulk gun!

    I've been doing a bunch of remodeling in my house and have had the need to use a caulk gun from time to time. Mine was the standard metal, squeeze handle, leak when you're done kind you get at the Borg for a couple of bucks. I think I have had 2 or 3 in just the last year or so as they always seem to crap out just when I really needed them. The last one, a blue model, had the handle get sticky on me. I would get one pull done and have to stop, push the handle back out and begin again. This made my latest project, caulking after putting up crown molding, a long and frustrating job.

    I went to my local Miller Paint store (employee owned local chain) to get some more wall paint...and I found exactly what I was looking for in a caulking gun.

    The gun is made of plastic/composite material, has a rubber handle and is very smooth. It has a built-in caulk tube tip cutter and a long wire rod to unplug the tip, if necessary, that folds into the handle. When you stop pulling on the handle, it releases the pressure on the pusher rod just slightly. This stops the flow of caulk and the tube doesn't leak!

    The gun was $12...but works so well, is so light and smooth, I'm just sorry I didn't get one sooner.... 3 ~ 4 cheap ones sooner.

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    I for one understand your frustration Greg. It is annoying to use a cheap caulking gun especially when you are trying to apply a smooth bead of caulk to address some air leakage in a window long after the finish trim has been applied. To get lumps, surges and air pockets is very irritating to say the least. I'm glad you brought out the wallet and bought something decent as I know you have a ton of home projects to apply caulking to.

    Good luck
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    I too hear you Greg, I have one, plastic as well, a bit different from the one your show, but it really does work well, worth the extra bit of cash for sure!
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