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    Oliver 232

    I have an Oliver 232-D for sale. Completly rebuilt all the way down to new leeds on the motor. The motor was checked by American amityre and the bearing are in great shape. A nice saw

    I recently got a 270 and need the space. Pick up only

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    Beautiful saw!

    A price and your location would be helpful.


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    Man, now that is one chunk of old iron!

    What is your asking price? (just curious is all)
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    Maybe you could sell it easier if you cleaned it up a little first, Reg.

    Beautiful resto could eat off that thing. Somebody's gonna be real fortunate to own that saw.
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    Asking $2,500 and it's resting in Tennessee. This is a great saw and I hate to give it up but i got a larger one and can use the room. It has the miter gage that is hard to come by with it but has a slight repare to it. The repair was done well and I doesn't bother the function.

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