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Thread: Kinda tool gloat

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    Kinda tool gloat

    Purchased this camera and extra lens for a good price on eBay last week. Much thanks to Vaughn for his guidance and sound advice!
    It's a Nikon D50 with the standard 18-55mm kit lens plus a pre-1999 Nikon 70-300 zoom. From what I've read about this lens it's heftier and better built than some of the newer models. I've taken them out for some test shots and to cover a party for the LOML (activities director at an assisted living facility) and they have performed flawlessly!
    The auction included the charger and an extra battery as well. I'm very pleased.
    Now I have to work on putting together a nice tent like Vaughn has! Then I can get rid of the old bed sheet.
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    That looks like a great outfit. One of these days, I'll upgrade from the Speed Graphic to digital. That 4"X5" cut film is getting harder and harder to find these days. Actually, my Nikon FE2s have been ignored for too long. I just may step into the digi-SLR world next. Although my Sony DSC-H2 covers about 80% of my wants/needs. I sorely miss manual control.
    We need some pictures from you when you get that thing going.
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    Alright! Congrats, Rennie. With all the extras (including filters) you done especially good. I"m certain you're going to like using it.

    Frank, manual control was my main reason for getting the DSLR. Since you know what you're doing with a camera, you would know how to work one of these.
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