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Thread: Hinge help

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    Hinge help

    I'm ready to order hinges for my kitchen cabinets and have some questions. These are for face frame cabinets, 1/2in. overlay. I'm looking at the Blum Compact 33 (110 degree) and Compact 38 (105 degree) hinges.

    Is there an advantage to one over the other?

    Best price I've seen so far is Any other suggestions?


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    I use the Salice too but the Blum is a good name hinge. There are some applications where I like to use the 160 degree hinge as the door folds back open quite a distance. Not everywhere though. The hinge set up used to give us three choices, #1 full overlay( 3/4"), #2 1/2 overlay( 3/8") and #3 flush doors ( front face of the door flush to the front face of the stile and rail. I noticed the 1/2" overlay and it sometimes comes in handy. ask questions and know what you need to solve the situation. There have been some kitchens I have used at least three different hinge sets to get the look necessary. Don't feel stuck to the same hinge for every box in the same job, often that doesn't work aesthetically.
    Good luck, keep us posted.
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    I have used the Blum 33's and have had no complaints or issues. I went ahead and ordered an entire case when I did it to save on cost. I can't say they are any cheaper, but I got mine from

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