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Thread: A Work In Progress

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    A Work In Progress

    Hello All, I built a woodworking shop back in March of '81 measuring 16' wide
    by 20' feet long. Every two to three years I become dissatisfied with the
    arrangement of my tools and start making changes. I am always thinking that
    there is a better, more efficient way to arrange my shop. When I get it the
    way I want it, I think I have finally put it in it's final form- but that never lasts. Is it possible that a shop is always a "work in progress"?

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    Hi Robert, first, welcome to the Family!

    I know that my shop is always changing, I prefer to think of it as "Evolving"

    I think that over the years, most of us change focus on what we are doing in the shop, so it makes sense that our shops would change with that focus.

    Anyways, if you get a chance, please post a tour of your shop!

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    hi robert!
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    Welcome aboard. Yes, my shop is always evolving as what I want to do and learn how to do grows and changes. My TS and RT positions have remained unchanged through a couple shops and a few re-arrangements. I just may have them (at least) figured out.

    My DP made an unexpected move when it was in a temporary position that turned out to be better than the one I had planned. Its still there. My bench moved recently as well. Planer, sander, jointer and CMS are mobile and go where 'clearance needed' dictates. One thing I have done is install two 40' 12 ga. reel cords to solve problems with 110v power during the ever evolving floor plan.

    DC stays put and one large shop-vac with a separator stands in one spot with a long hose. Another small vac stands between the DP and the BS stations. Either vac can be adapted with my small hose for sanders, etc. depending where in the shop I'm working. The jury is still out on the compressor's position.
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    Welcome to the family. My shop seems to change about every 14 months as that is about how often I have beeen moving for work.

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    Hi Robert, Welcome aboard!

    I've changed my shop around three or four times and I haven't finished setting it up fully operational for the First time yet!
    I am famous for changing my mind therefore everything (and I mean everything) is on wheels.
    One day I suppose most of it will remain in one place but new projects, new ideas and new tool additions will always move things around a bit for me.

    Lets see that shop of yours, we love tours.


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    I guess I would have to buck the trend as I have not changed my shop layout very much. Now this might be because it is small in size (12 x 24), but I tend to think it is because it is laid out pretty well.

    The thing of it is, I had some very crappy shops over the years, from a 1950's built logging camp, to a a spare bedroom in the house. So when I got money enough to build a decent shop, I had been planning it out for years.

    In the three years since I have had my shop, the only change I have made is moving the band saw closer to the front of the shop. That was because my bandsaw is my go-to machine and it was just too many steps away.
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    Mine is in it's third reincarnation in 2 years. One of those was because of an influx of several machines and it was a have too. Then after getting them restored and in service I would find that it didn't work as well as I thought it would. I got it where I really like the way things flowed and I wasn't bumping into something all the time.

    Then I found my last two big machines I wanted. So that meant I had to move some stuff around again. I found that a couple of machines were best on wheels so I could stuff them in the corner and pull them out when needed. Never was found of mobile machines but it made sense on my planner and shaper. I just pull them out in the middle and use them. Then roll them back out of the way.

    Now I have 2/3's of my shop set up and I like it. But I have a corner that my wood rack and some storage shelves are in that is not working for me. Got to figure out what to do with these. I have moved that wood rack 3 times now and I really hate moving it. It's a huge job! But maybe this will be the last time!! If I can just figure out a better way that is.
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    Welcome Robert,

    I thought I did everything right and planned for my shop and did the paper doll layout etc. etc.
    Found out wasn't enough room and added on. Still wasn't enough so thought I was going to build a bigger shop at my house.
    I scrapped that idea after going to the wood show in Vegas and saw all the machinery available
    Now I'm going to add on again in my existing location because I have a boat load invested in 3 phase electrical. I'm probably going to add another 1,000 ft.
    So yea it's always evolving.


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    Welcome aboard Robert!

    When we moved here 2 years ago, I put a lot of thought into how to lay out the shop. Unfortunately, even though I'm retired, there just isn't enough time to do everything I want to do. So I did what I needed to get productive (lumber rack, dust control, major machines) and made a deal with the wife that I would do a project for the shop for every two I did for the house. So, I'm introducing something new about every three months or so (outfeed table, clamp rack, router table, new bench). When I finish the buffet I'm working on now, I want to build a couple of cabinets for hand tools. So I'm always thinking about how things could work better. Having said that, though, the major machines (TS, BS, jointer, planer, DP) haven't moved since we got here.

    What's you latest rearrangement doing?
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