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Thread: APC - American Power Conversion AttaBoy!!

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    APC - American Power Conversion AttaBoy!!

    I have an APC UPS. I went away for a few weeks. Come home it tells me the battery is disconnected and will not be able to protect your computer in the event of AC power loss.

    Self check says every fine. Unplug AC power and unit picks up and carries load.

    Removed and reconnected battery.

    Message still comes up often. Then it started adding on bottom another message "Your battery is connected and working fine."

    A call to APC. After some phone troubleshooting the clear speaking, knowledgeable person says. I am sorry but this cannot be fixed over the phone.

    Now the unit is almost 3 years old so I this point I am ready to be buying another UPS or at least a new battery.

    --- He then adds we will have a new unit out to you quickly!

    2 days later I am installing my NEW back up power supply and shipping the old one back.

    How is that for customer service?

    I guess next time I see an off brand for a few $$ less vs. the APC unit it will not take me any time at all to decide to go with APC.

    I have used them for years both at home and in business and they all work fine.

    Great to see an American Company with this level of customer service.

    Thank You APC!

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    Good to see positive rants to offset the negative ones. I've got an APC UPS at home, and with the dicey power we have, it's more than paid for itself in avoided downtime.
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    We have APC on both units at home. Got our first one years ago. When it died, we traded it in for a generous amount toward a bigger one. They have worked very well. And I seem to remember that there is a 3 year warranty? Can't remember for sure. Glad you had a good response from them. Jim.
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    Warranty Length

    I did see somewhere about a 3 year warranty.

    On the box the new one came in it was for 1 or 2 years. I do not remember which but I know it was not 3.

    I do not have any paperwork on the original one but they treated it like it was still under warranty.

    I forget the time span but they said after (maybe 1 year) I had to pay the return postage. Up to a year they include a cost free way to return the old unit.

    I shipped it FedX ground Fla to RI 18 lbs for $12.77.

    $12.77 for a new unit = Great Deal!

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    I had a similar experience with Tripp Lite a few years ago. Mine nearly caught fire because it overheated so badly--in fact I unplugged it and carried it by the cord because it was too hot to carry by the body and put it in the tub in case I needed to hose it down. They immediately replaced it and sent me a software update that could cause the overheating.

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