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Thread: Black Friday, are you doing it?

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    Black Friday, are you doing it?

    Anyone here crazy enough to actually go out and attempt the shopping crowd tomorrow morning. My wife and her daughter are heading out in the early hours. I will still be asleep and digesting my turkey meal.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Nope. Not brave enough to get ran over in the parking lot before I even get into the mall

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    Not that crazy or that bored.


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    Normally I'd not venture out at all tomorrow but cant avoid it this time. I've got to pick up an Rx refill and while I'm there I may as well get a couple of grocery items I'm out of. I'll have to compete with all the idiots at Meijers that are there for the sale stuff. Yuck. Maybe I'll spot something on sale I'd be interested in but that's not really why I'm going.
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    I'll be at the office tomorrow. The only shopping I have planned for this weekend is to go pick up the little 7" bench vise from Rockler that's on half-price sale. I don't have a WW vise, and until someday when I build myself a nicer bench, this one should do nicely. Especially for $25.

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    Our local Ace Hardware has some neat little Stanley hand tools/gadgets on sale. If you buy one for $6.99 you get a $5.00 rebate on it making it only a $1.99.
    You've got to get there early (7 am) to take advantage of the sale.. Would like to go however I think we'll be out working in the shop.

    Otherwise... I NEVER do black friday... I can not stand the chaos...


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    I can't ever remember not working on that day. I worked retail home and car stereo for 9 years, ending in 1987. It smewhat ruined the Christmas season for me for a long time. The money was good, but the hassle, long hours, and incredibly obnoxious customers really put a damper on things. Still don't enjoy it as much as I know I should. Now I wish I could be one of those obnoxious customers!!
    And I'll be working again this year, but it's more of a hassle just having to be there. It's never busy. Jim.
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    I hate shopping in the crowds but the last two years Staples has had some early bird special that I had to go get for a Christmas gift. I notice this year they have 200 Gig Hard Drives for 19.95 after rebate. I have an older computer someone gave me that I am working on. I want to set it up as a file server to back up too.

    I am really tempted to get up tomorrow morning and go get one of those. Plus my shop stereo died to. I have a network jack pulled to the basement just in case. So it could go down there and serve as my shop computer/stereo/file server.

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    Never have....never will. I don't need anything that bad.

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    Wife and her friend are leaving the house at 4:30, I can't say it is crazy to get up that early since I do it during fishing and hunting season...but at least once I get on the lake or in the woods I am generally by myself.

    I am however going tomorrow at a much later time, my dad asked me to go to the borg and look at some floor tile he'd like me to put down when he goes south, and Menards is having a big sale.....otherwise, nope I stay at home or in my shop.
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