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Thread: Lighting from Lowes...

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    Lighting from Lowes...

    I've stated before that I like, and shop, Lowes more than HD. Here's another reason. They have a huge lamp section and regularly put certain inventory on clearance. Today was consulting day, so on my way back home I stopped by to take a look at some molding I need. Instead of molding....I ended up with these in the car. More installs for my renovation project.

    (2 each of the ceiling and stand lamps)

    Total of 6 lighting units and 2 night stand lamps for our rec room. The 2 ceiling fixtures will go in the rec room.

    I'm replacing old "Hollywood" light fixtures in the master and guest baths with brushed nickel, to match the new faucets.

    This is the 2 lamp unit for the powder room

    This is the faucet set in the powder room...

    Total retail price for all 8 was $505.... I got them on clearance for $169.

    Now if Lowes would just put their bathroom towel/paper fixtures on clearance......

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    Wow that is some gloat!

    That house is going to look real nice when you sell it!
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    That's a great haul. The house is going to look great when you're done with all the renovations.

    There's a place near here called Lighting Liquidators. They buy end lots of high-end fixtures and sell them for dirt cheap. (There may be similar places around the country, although this one is locally owned.) I bought a fancy art deco kitchen fixture there for my last house that retailed for $350, and I got it for $80. I also bought two wrought iron table lamps and a matching floor lamp for something like $40 for the set. Their stock is always changing, so it's kind of a gamble if you go there looking for something specific, but it's still a great place to find bargains.
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