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Thread: Dresser acquired..

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    Dresser acquired..

    Hey! Bought a dresser from a garage sale - It's pretty cool.. Wonder if I should try refinishing it? or just use it? It looks old - has that weird "textured" paint on it that they used to do to make it look wood-grainy. One thing for sure, I have to fix the mirror's frame - I was thinking I could mold a piece with a latex master, and replicate it with putty - or could possibly carve a piece? I don't have the standards(?) for the mirror - thought I'd mount it to the wall behind the dresser....

    Here's a pic.

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    With a little work, you could certainly save that one from the burn pile.

    Are the wavy lines on the front the grain?

    If so, yeah, that is a really good piece to try to save!

    What are the drawers like?

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    I think (and stand to be corrected) that the "grain" on most of those old dressers was achieved by using a wave patterned roller after the first lift of toned lacquer was sprayed on. The roller would push the lacquer into thick and thin ridges, which would leave lighter coloured valleys that looked like grain.
    That dresser looks as if the lacquer is cracking and lifting (not uncommon). I had a chance to buy a pair of vintage texturing rollers quite cheaply at an auction some years ago, but never thought I'd have a use for them, so didn't bid.

    cheers eh?

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    I had a dresser like that and it ended up being cherry under the finish. Can you post pics of the drawers to se what kind of wood it might be.

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