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Thread: red elm

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    red elm

    the city is cutting trees damaged by an ice storm last winter. one is on my daughter's property and when i saw the color of the heartwood i thought i need a couple of chunks of this stuff. the local wood mill calls it red elm. does anyone have any experience turning this stuff???

    i had to walk away from the main trunk as it was about 30" in diameter and i can't handle that size. but here's a picture of it freshly cut.

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    there was water actually running on this freshly cut surface so i'm sure it will not be this red when dry but, again, the wood mill said the color will red up again when the finish goes on.

    let me know if there is any experience turning this wood.
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    I've never turned it, but I recall seeing others who had. I'd say if you can get some, do.
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    So take it and cut it up into sizes you can turn. It turns like butter and some of it has some awesome grain to it. I would have grabbed that 30" trunk and cut it down to size that I could handle.
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