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Thread: A little pecan

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    A little pecan

    Thanks to some considerate sharing of a stash of pecan trees that are going to be demo'd soon, I had the (new for me) opportunity to process a tree from standing to blanks this past weekend. A fellow turner and I met up in the morning and surveyed the available trees and chose one we liked.
    I got the honor of felling my first tree and that went well. Then the limbing up and bucking started and that filled two hours. I had one pinch that required a little cutting from the second saw (thankfully we had two) but other than that it went well. Martin got the bigger stuff since I only have a mini (for now) and he called it good after two hours since he lives nearby and can come over to stock up when he likes. It is a 45 mile drive to that side of town for me so I stayed two more hours and got as much as I could. I was running on fumes by the end of that. I think back to Stu's slabbing of those trees on that lot and I can't imagine that work. Gravity was working for me till I had to load them up.

    Here is a shot of a few of the bigger pieces:
    Attachment 11190

    And a shot of the area as I take a break to seal and start putting the haul in my van:
    Attachment 11191

    Finally the haul in my van. It smelled very nice on the long ride home.
    Attachment 11192

    P.S. For those close to Gilbert, I have a line on some nice free pecan if you're up to processing your own wood. There are probably some decent pieces of small stuff left there if you aren't up to felling one for yourself.
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    Nice haul, Brett. That ought to keep you off the streets at night for a while. Looking forward to seeing some finished pecan projects out of it.
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    Great haul. Like Vaughn said that ought to keep you off the streets a day or two.
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